Teaching Aid for Madrasah

Following are the links for the books and their respective teaching aids:

Book pdf Book exe Teaching Aid Author
Ilm-un Nahw

علم النحو

Nahw-an_Najah.ppsx Ml Mushtäq Ahmad Charthäulï
Ilm-us Sarf I

علم الصرف ١

Sarfi_Gardan.exe || .docx Ml Mushtäq Ahmad Charthäulï
Qasas-un Nabiyyin I

قصص النبيين ١

Qasasun_Nabiyyin _Dictionary.xlsx Ml Abul Hasan ‘Alï Nadwï
Minhäjul ‘Arabiyyah I

منهاج العربية ١

Sayyid Nabi
Rahmat-e Älam

رحمتِ عالم

Ml Sayyid Sulaimän Nadwï
Ädäb-ul Muta’llimïn

آداب المتعلمين

Qärï Siddïq Ahmad Bändawï

Download SarfiGardan App

Latest Version 20140412: Download Sarfi Gardan App @Google (Press Ctrl+S or click File–>Download to download)
20140411 version: Direct Download SarfiGardan App
Alternative Download: SarfiGardan App @SourceForge
Minimum Requirements to run this app:

  1. JRE 1.6 or above; Recommended: JRE7u55  (Download 32-bit or 64-bit)
  2. Windows 7 or above
  3. Screen Resolution: 1366 X 768 or higher

License: Free to use for all who believe in Alläh and His last Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him.)


Nahw-an Najah.ppsx







18 thoughts on “Teaching Aid for Madrasah

  1. I stumbled across File List application within your Sarfi Gardan package. It’s fantastic! It lists all the files in a particular folder as well as all its sub-folders in a html file. I could sort the files by file name, type, and size. I could also fix minimum and maximum size limits for files to be included. The output opens in a browser, or if you select txt output format, a notepad file opens after the operation is done.

    Just one question: Why don’t you give output in pdf, word and excel format for all users. Currently, it is giving this error: “Output file extension pdf is available only for premium users.”

    • Actually I have not yet done the coding for pdf, doc and xls file formats for output. Rest assured, once the coding is done. it will be available for both premium and non-premium users.

  2. Wow! such a nice app: sarfi gardaan. It gives me all the gardaan of any three-letter verb. Keep it up, musarhad. Complete sarfee gardaan soon.

  3. At last, I can see the Urdu meanings too in Arabi Sarf Gardan. Why dont you create a similar app for Nahw too.

    • Presently, only Mazi Maroof Urdu Meaning has been done. Once the meanings of all of Mazi, Muzare, Amr and Nahw are done, there is plan for Rubai and Thulathi Mazeed fih, and then to do Mahmooz, Mu’tal, Muzaa’af, etc.

  4. Thanks for the Arabi Sarf Gardan software. But it is not working in all but one of my computers. It is saying Error: Java Runtime Environment not found. On my first computer, there is no such issue.

    • Please keep visiting the page. The issue will be solved in the next update, In Sha Allah. The package will contain Nafees Nastaleeq font instead of the current Alvi Nastaleeq, so you will no longer need to download the current font separately. Another friend with Windows 8.1 has also reported this issue with Alvi Nastaleeq font.

    • The issue is with Java Runtime Environment. Please update your JRE to jre-7u55. Download 32-bit jre-7u55 OR 64-bit jre-7u55. Then install it. Hopefully the Urdu letters shall display correctly, In Shaa Allah.
      I had to spend a whole day for this. I tried with different versions of JRE and JDK. With jdk8, my Eclipse project won’t work. With jdk-7u17 again, Urdu letters would render incorrectly. I updated Eclipse to Kepler version, but the issue was of course not related to it. I first concluded that the latest version of JRE jre-8u5 is required to render Urdu text correctly. Then I tested on Windows XP virtual machine. JRE-8u5 wouldn’t install on XP. So, I tried with latest jre-7 version. And it worked!!!

  5. I really liked Sarfi Gardan java application as also Nahwan Najah.ppt. Both are really useful for us learners of Arabic grammar. Jazak Allah.

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  8. As Salamu Alaikum. The Nahwan Najah App is not running on my system. It gives a message saying,
    Please help!! I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Java version 1.6.

    • Wa Alaikumus Salam. Just download this Jarfix app, and double click it. Once the file association for .Jar is fixed in your system, it will run fine. But please use a later version of Windows to get best results.

      Other troubleshooting tips:
      1. Upgrade your Operating System to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
      2. Download and install this Java Runtime Environment: JRE7 u55 32-bit or JRE7 u55 64-bit.

  9. What stupid application is this Sarfi Gardan App. It is supposed to give me the gardan as well as Urdu meanings of the word. But I did not get any such meaning. And out of around 10 words that I entered, only 2-3 got me a result. There is no documentation too.

    However, Nahwan Najah is quite lovely.

    • As Salamu Alaikum. Actually the Sarfi Gardan App is not yet complete. The Urdu translation of the Seghahs will be done at the earliest In Sha Allah, as soon as I get enough time. And presently, you will get a result only if the word you enter is a Sahih kalimah, that is, one which is neither mu’tal, nor muzaa’af, nor mahmooz. And also the kalimah should only be thulathi mujarrad. Anything else will give you a blank table. Hope this helps.

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