Compendium of Islamic Laws

“Why doesn’t a group from every section of them (Muslims) goes forth, to acquire Fiqh (perfect understanding of the Faith), and then to warn their people upon return to them, so that they may take due care (of the rules of Shari’at). (The Holy Quran 9:122).

This Compendium of Islamic Laws, containing a section-wise compilation of the rules of Shari’at falling into the domain of the Muslim personal law, has been prepared for and on behalf of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. It is based on the most authentic principles of the Islamic law. The work on this Compendium had been initiated by the Board’s founder-Secretary General, the late Amir-e-Shari’at Maulana Minnatullah Rahmani. It covered the entire gamut of Muslim personal law including marriage, divorce, guardianship, custody of children, maintenance, gifts, wills, inheritance and waqfs. The complete operative portions of the Compendium, running into 440 Sections, has been translated for the Board by Professor Syed Tahir Mahmood.

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